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Reese's Never Too Late Foundation

Tears for those who live with mental health

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The Foundation

Mental health encompasses our psychological, emotional and social well-being. It impacts how we feel, think and behave each day. Our mental health also contributes to decision making processes, how we cope with stress, and how we relate to others in our lives.


Good mental health is essential to living a balanced life.  In North America, mental health has increased considerably, more so since CoVID and mental health is just as important as our physical health.


Emotional and mental health is important because it’s a vital part of our life and impacts our thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Being healthy emotionally can promote productivity and effectiveness in activities like work, school or caregiving. It plays an important part in the health of your relationships, and allows us to adapt to changes in our life and cope with adversity.


It also affects those around us – could be parents, spouses, children, siblings and those who we come into contact in our day to day lives.  Not only does it affect those around us, it’s strong ripple effects other connecting families, friends, people at work, and subsequent communities.  People who are in contact with these people may tend to lose focus and their sense of daily balance in how they think and react to situations. 


After living with a most beautiful person for 15 years, who eventually succumbed to mental health, it has become a passion to raise awareness to those around us who face the same problem.  I've been in contact with several patients who experienced the same situation and, I can conclude, they want to vent their feelings, in an untargeted direction.  They are apprehensive because they feel rejected. It is imperative to understand they feel left out in a conversation, or group, or even feel they are a non-entity in a family or a circle of people, they tend to develop serious symptoms. The thought of rejection from society is a reason why they isolate themselves.  For those who do not show any sense of isolation is just a temporary phase; in most cases, they force themselves to act in this pretentious way.  These are just a few ways they express themselves.  

Medical staff play a pivotal role in helping these humans but, it's very important to note –

a)  their needs;

b)  be heard and understood;

c)  give them the "specific" type of care they require; and

d)  understand their reasoning for what they want from this world.  The reason why I use the word "world" is they have a tendency to research and abstract information and, as such, they have a very broad outlook on humanity, both negative and positive. 

Being a society as a whole, we need to come together and reach out; create awareness and help these people who are afflicted from this painful ailment. 



We require local organizations/communities to get involved and share the love and compassion these people require.  Your valuable contributions will help, but we also have a need for a percentage of your time; cycling, swimming, exercise, yoga/therapy, guitar lessons, singing, cooking, writing, excursions, picnics, movie time . . . . . . . . . . . . this list can go on like a marathon.

As we progress, albeit in small steps, it is imperative that we engage with compassion and love.  Anyone who possesses minute acumen of heartfelt warmth can be part of this involvement.  With the proposed events listed, communities from all walks of life, can be part of this venture. 

Halo Home & Health Care Services & Halo Recruitment Services are sister companies who hire for the health care industry and other organizations where the proceeds are donated toward the cause of improving mental health.


As an initial start, on Dec 09/2023, there will be a Christmas Bake Sale at Grace’s Anglican Church in Brantford.  The proceeds will be donated towards mental health.

2024 – Proposed Events (dates yet to be confirmed)

April 06, walk within the confinements in Brantford (Ontario).  

June, family picnic.

August, silent auction

October, charity dinner

December, Christmas bake sale and Annual dance

Within these dates, there is an intent to hold a narrative concert.

We encourage other communities/religious institutions/charities from other towns/cities to become involved to support this noble cause.

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For more information, please feel free to contact us at or phone us at (403) 307-5452


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