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Comprehensive quality care for each and every one of our clients.


We endeavor to bring high quality care to each of our clients by:

1)  Comprehensive assessments of the client’s physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

2)  Empowering and assisting clients with what matters most to them.

3)  Continuing education for our staff.

4)  Evaluating and accepting feedback for our services in order to improve them.


Respect: We respect the dignity of every human being. We actively listen and visualize what's best for the client. We collaborate with others to provide what is best for our client.

Integrity: We practice what is right and ethical. We are accountable for our actions. We follow through on commitments.

Compassion: We treat others the way we wish to be treated. We show kindness irrespective of differences.

Excellence: We constantly evaluate our services to improve them. We highly encourage staff development and training.

Love: All our clients deserve love; THIS IS A CHAPTER THAT HAS NO END.


Halo would operate to the best of our clients satisfaction and will do all we can to provide efficient services and also the warm and tender care they so deserve.


Our Services

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