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Our nurses and personal support staff will take care of your day-to-day requirements.  This is to ensure our clients are taken care of daily - medication, meals, sanitization, etc.


Dietary Aides


Our cleaning staff will clean your facility/residence on a daily/weekly basis.  In lieu of a pandemic, we use anti-bacterial sanitizers to disinfect all areas of concern.

Our dietary aides will perform their duties include preparing food dishes, delivering them to specific people or rooms and maintaining the cleanliness of the work area. All our dietary aides certified with Food Handling Certificates.


If you are unwell, Halo will do your babysitting for your children or a family member.  Love and Care is what is required for those little angels. 


Should you require to go shopping, an excursion or even to a casino, we will arrange such services.  



Many people get depressed with the loss of a loved one. Some also experience the trauma of a physical separation of a relationship thereby, losing their children (over a divorce/separation) or even personal belongings.

We will ensure a "companion" is there to comfort, listen, give advice and cheer you up.

Other Services

Our services include but, are not limited to Palliative/Hospice Care, Incontinence, Post-Discharge Services, Long and/or Short Term Care, etc.

Success Stories

Halo Supports Mental Health - please visit our page Reese's Never Too Late Foundation for more information.



Phone or Text 

(403) 307-5452


Our Services

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