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We are a recruitment agency who can provide staff tailored to your needs.  

Portion of these proceeds will be donated toward mental health.


Labourers who are required in the industrial sector - oil and gas, mining, hi-tech, etc.


Receptionists, book-keepers, secretaries, data-entry personnel, general payroll clerks, and other admin/clerical staff


Managerial and workers who are required in the commercial and communications sector, etc.


We can work with you in other capacities of work, such as warehousing, managerial, etc.


Mandatory Requirements

Along with resumes, wherever applicable, employees must provide the following documentation 

*  CPR/1st Aid *

* Safety Tickets *

* Security Clearance *

* D&A testing *

Good Intentions

For those who cannot afford "complete" health care, and with the assistance of government assisted funds, which may not be sufficient to pay for related amenities and a health care worker, Halo will set aside 10% of the profits to provide for those who would require such assistance.   These funds will only be allocated in conjunction with the respective government medical departments. 


Halo encourage corporations and companies to utilize our services - be it oil and gas, mining, medical, administrative, commercial, industrial, or any other work which would be beneficial to our health care industry (not only in Alberta but, across the nation).

We request companies and industries to encourage prospective employees to register with our company so as and whenever a position becomes available, we will depute them to the site of interest.  

Every time a company hire an employee through Halo, the community will benefit.


Contact -

Phone - (403) 307-5452



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