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We are a dedicated Health Care agency, who take pride in what we do. 

It is a privilege to reach out to our clients and take care of their physical needs and share their emotional feelings. 


Halo Home & Health Care Services was founded in 2016, by Lindsay, an enthusiastic and passionate individual, who has a flair to care for people. After attending a seminar, he desired to provide affordable health care as an ideal way to promote his venture. Lindsay, has experience working with communities, religious institutes, and social services and has garnered an inclination to work with people, and Halo Home & Health Care promises to continue to carry out this tradition.


With Lindsay’s intense passion as a peoples’ person and experience in the field of social work, he decided to create “Halo” to care for people with disabilities (temporary or permanent) so they may get personal care and support in the comfort of their own home/residence and living environment.  

Halo Supports Mental Health - please visit our page Reese's Never Too Late Foundation for more information.


Where applicable, all our staff are trained and must produce their credentials.  They are also required to provide Police Clearance or Vulnerable Security Check, CPR/1st Aid, and references.


Our staff are educated on CoVID. To be employed, they must also have had their vaccines and know the symptoms so they are prepared to go to work.

Know the difference

While bacterium and viruses may seem to be alarming, it's good to know the difference. Bacteria are a living organism but, a virus is not.  Therefore, a virus requires a host to survive and grow.  Bacteria do not require a host to survive but a virus requires a host to survive. A virus can grow within a living cell or a group of cells.


A virus can grow within a living cell or a group of cells so they are dormant when they are outside. It's important to know bacteria and viruses are important to agriculture and have benefits to our health system.  They survive within mammals.


After applicant documents are reviewed, they are sent a questionnaire which is thoroughly reviewed and assessed by our staff.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Halo's services are exemplary.  Not only do they provide the service my father desires, but their warm approach and friendly demeanour makes us comfortable .

The Joseph Family


Our Services

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